Arbor Day Festival in Byrd Park Saturday

Stay Co2ol With Trees, Richmond’s third annual Arbor Day festival, offers a big menu of fun and information for everyone in the family. Come out for a day of fun at the Carillon in Byrd Park on Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Arbor Day celebration is free to attend and will be held rain or shine. Continue reading

Richmond Earth Day Festival = Green fun for everyone

Richmond Earth Day FestivalThe Richmond Earth Day Festival is coming up Saturday, April 23, from noon to 7 p.m. It is a FREE, day long celebration that provides resources, education, and information in a fun-filled outdoor setting to help our community incorporate eco-friendly practices, products, and services in their homes and everyday routines; as we strive to make Richmond a “greener” city. Continue reading

Downtown Richmond’s boat landing has fisherman hooked on weekends

Fishermen line the walls of the Manchester Docks at Ancarrow's Boat Landing As I visited Ancarrow’s Boat Landing on Sunday for the unveiling of the markers on the Richmond Slave Trail, I couldn’t help but notice that the ratio of attendees for the historic moment were outnumbered at least 15 to 1 by fisherman. At 3 p.m., there was a 20 minute wait at the boat slip and the parking lot was constantly full. Continue reading

Lessons for Richmond & James from Montgomery’s Riverwalk

Amphitheater and Riverwalk on the Alabama River in downtown Montgomery, Alabama

By Phil Riggan
James River News Hub

Downtown Montgomery, Ala., has an interesting and relatively new Riverwalk situated on the banks of the Alabama River in a location that in many ways resembles the curve the tidal James River makes as it heads south at the Intermediate Terminal and Rocketts Landing in downtown Richmond.

Continue reading

Richmond Slave Trail markers finally unveiled along historic path

Richmond Slave Trail marker: Creole RevoltAfter nearly 10 years of work and planning, the City of Richmond and the Slave Trail Commission has finally unveiled markers for the Richmond Slave Trail.  Seventeen markers along the path were unveiled Sunday and display information on the history of slavery in Richmond.  Continue reading