Reported gunman at Belle Isle

There was a police response to a call of a gunman on the loose on Belle Isle Monday night. Calls by NBC12 to Richmond police confirmed that there was a man with a gun on Belle Isle and he was allegedly threatening suicide. We are working to confirm if the man was arrested.

Adrien Hamilton, who was mountain biking with her husband on the James River Park trail loop, said she saw several police cars speeding down the gravel path that runs along the railroad tracks to the southside gates and southside access to Belle Isle at aroud 6:45 p.m. Monday.

“At the trailhead stairs over the rail we ran into a mountain biker who told us that while he was riding on the top of Belle [Isle] he passed a guy with a gun and a lot of ammo,” Hamilton wrote in an email.

By 7:15, more city and state police vehicles arrived, according to Hamilton. She also witnessed a plane circling the area, though it isn’t confirmed that was part of the police response. No one was injured in the incident and there has been no confirmation of whether shots were fired.


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