How much gets recycled in the James River Park?

How much gets recycled in the James River Park?The brown, wooden, custom-made, side-by-side, trash and recycling receptacles you see all over the James River Park System are working, according to manager Ralph White. People are putting the right trash in the right place more often than in the past. But how much is being collected?

The park measures collected recycling by the big green supercans — same as the ones issued to Richmond households. Recycling figures for the month of August:

  • Glass and plastic bottles:  54 supercans with 5,400 pounds, including an estimated 13,500 bottles (250 per supercan) 
  • Aluminum: 897 pounds
  • Cardboard: 11 supercans with 440 pounds
  • Total weight of recyclables: 6,740 pounds (approximately half of total trash weight)

Of course, glass containers are not permitted in the park and if ones reads between the lines of the above numbers, there seems to be many people breaking the law by bringing alcohol into the park. No word on how long it takes to collect and sort all of this material, but if you’ve ever been to one of the hot spots on a weekend, as soon as they empty a bin, it needs to be emptied again.  Ralph, Peter Bruce and company are busy men.


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