When the James is low & slow, go snorkeling

Snorkel in the James RiverThe water in the James River is low, slow, calm and clear. Bad for watering your yard, but great for exploring the river.  North Bank Park is one of the best places to visit the James in late summer. The shallow waters and calm sands of Texas Beach are a great setting for an afternoon of exploring, according to a story from Phil Riggan on Richmond.com.

Last summer, the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s environment beat writer Rex Springston met with JROC’s Chris Hull and others to learn about snorkeling on the James:

In late summer, when hot, rainless days leave the James running low and clear, a dip with a mask and snorkel can open up a surprisingly entertaining aquatic world. There is nothing quite like grabbing your mask and snorkel, plunging into the refreshing James River and coming face to face with a huge catfish.

James River Park sells a snorkeling-in-the-river booklet for $2. Call (804) 646-8911.


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