Friends of James River Park now independent charitable organization

Friends of the James River ParkThe Friends of James River Park has been approved for 501(c)(3) status, which now makes it an independent charitable organization. It is now apart from the non-profit organization, Enrichmond Foundation (formerly Richmond Parks and Rec Foundation), under whose umbrella non-profit status FOJRP had operated.

“Operating under the foundation was the right thing to do for the first years of our existence as the foundation’s administrative support has brought us and many a fledgling friends group along,” said FOJRP president Maureen Egan. “But once Friends of James River Park had grown and prospered, it was time to become independent.”

“Our stand-alone 501(c)(3) status will streamline our bookkeeping, make it less confusing for members and those giving donations, allow us to accept credit cards on our website, and free us to apply for grants to help us maintain, preserve, and protect our beloved James River Park System,” she said.

Contributions to FOJRP will continue to be tax-deductible. The group will also be re-launching a new and improved web site Oct. 1 that will be have information on all of the sections of the James River Park System, educational material, seasonal information and volunteering opportunities. Contact Maureen Egan with any questions:


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