RIVER RANT: Sharing Riverside Drive with vehicles

Runners sharing the road with vehicles on Riverside DriveBeautiful Riverside Drive on the south side of the James River between the Powhite Parkway and the Robert E. Lee Bridge is a great place for road biking. There is plenty of shade, challenging hills to climb and plenty of curves to keep you busy. On the scenic two-mile stretch between Huguenot Flatwater and Pony Pasture, you’ll also find plenty of walkers and runners.

But too often there are people who drive those stretches of road that don’t obey the speed limits or share the road. Have you ever had a traffic problem on Riverside Drive? What would you do to improve the safety of the road?


6 responses to “RIVER RANT: Sharing Riverside Drive with vehicles

  1. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, including the cyclist that almost ran me down going 40 mph on a hilly section further east. Bicycles make almost no sound and give little warning of their approach other than a string of profanity.

  2. I’ll stop to let aggressive traffic pass, but there usually isn’t enough space at the lane’s edge to do this safely, at least not at every immediate point, and if an angry driver perceives that they can squeeze by, they’ll usually try.

    –I like the signs that remind drivers that it isn’t meant to be a hurried commuter road. More signage would be nice, pictures of stick men on bikes.

  3. Make it a one way street going East with a wide bike/jogging lane.

    People in the neighborhood can drive West by going up to Semmes/Forest Hill, but can still get toward downtown via the Belvidere Bridge by taking Riverside. I live in Woodland Heights and run on Riverside Drive often, and I think it’s safe to say that the cars are going East more often than West.

  4. More speed traps would be nice as vehicles fly down this road. That said, I do see quite a few bikers who’ve no clue what “share the road” means…..

  5. This photo shows two things runners can do to improve the situation – run on the opposite side (where the widened part is) and in single file (which is what bikes are supposed to do when there’s vehicle traffic). I love Ralph White to death but don’t share his love of signs. Speed humps are the best bet in this area.

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