JROC giving 14th Street takeout some upgrades

14th Street Takeout, viewed from the Mayo BridgeThe James River Outdoor Coalition will be working on a couple of projects at the 14th Street takeout Saturday September 25 starting at 10 a.m.  They will put some lattice around the portajohn and prepare a concrete walkway to the first landing.  The 14th Street takeout is just inside the floodwall on the north bank of the river east of the 14th Street (Mayo) Bridge. 

With the low water, JROC volunteers were recently able to stack up rocks and added 600 lbs of Quickrete to create a new lower step at the stairs to the river.  This is a big improvement over the steep drop off and sharp rocks that were previously exposed, according to JROC president Chris Hull.


One response to “JROC giving 14th Street takeout some upgrades

  1. I love the 14th Street Take-out! The difference between high & low tides make it such a dynamic area to explore.

    I’m always a little paranoid when I park my truck there, though because of the “We’re gonna tow your ass if you don’t have a boat rack” signs.

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