Serious bike accident hospitalizes JRPS trail builder

Wayne Goodman of Richmond MOREA man instrumental to the Richmond mountain biking scene has been hospitalized with a serious injury. Wayne Goodman (a former Richmond-MORE board member and instrumental figure in Richmond trail building) was seriously injured while cycling September 18.

The accident occurred in the grassy area in the top of Forest Hill Park near the parking lot and picnic shelters, according to information from Richmond MORE. Wayne lot control of his bike and collided awkwardly with a granite wall next to the trail. He has a serious spinal cord injury and has been in MCV’s Critical Care Hospital since the accident.

Wayne Goodman has volunteered countless hours on the trails building and maintaining the existing trail infrastructure. He was a huge driving force in the layout, creation and building of the North Bank Trail. If you enjoy riding your bike or trail running downtown you have Wayne Goodman to thank for it.

Read these comments from Goodman in an article on the James River Trail Loop in

“I never thought the trail system would be as big a deal as it is…If you tried to take it away from people now, you’d have a lot of trouble on your hands.”

You can follow his progress and show your support by visiting the CaringBridge website. When you visit you’ll be asked to log in to keep the site private.


2 responses to “Serious bike accident hospitalizes JRPS trail builder

  1. I was actually riding with Wayne when the accident occurred.
    I had contacted RICHMOND MORE about a week earlier to find out more information about the organization and if someone might be able to give me a few pointers as I am new to the sport. Wayne spent an hour on the phone with me giving me the finer details of Mountain Biking. He took me out the trails and cautiously warned me when some dangerous obstacles approached. I contacted him a week later and asked him if he was riding adn he said he wasn’t sure but ended up coming out because he knew that I was still unfamiliar with the terrain. I have further information on the accident if anyone needs it. I did speak to Greg the President of Richmond MORE but I am unable to get back in contact with him. If anyone has information on how to contact wayne or know his location I would very much like to visit him.

    I wish Wayne and his family the best because he deserves it for spending as much time as he did with a stranger to pass on the information he learned from a sport he was sooo passionate about.


  2. I’m trying to locate Greg’s information to help you Mitch. Wayne is that kind of guy — willing to help anybody out. Thank you for sharing your story.

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