James River Park could grow with Manchester parcel

Stormwater Retention Basin in South Richmond, south of the FloodwallThe City of Richmond is looking to add another property to the James River Park System. There is a grass parcel of land along Maury Street in South Richmond called the Stormwater Retention Basin that is owned by the Department of Public Utilities.

Google map locator of Stormwater Retention BasinIt is a large “L”-shaped parcel that covers a few acres and extends on either side of Maury Street to the floodwall gate under Interstate 95.  The grassy area is most the floodwall berm on the north and with the remaining border being fuel tank storage on fenced in private property. [See a google map]. 

It might be a nice area for a dog park, picnic or flying a kite. There is a gravel road from Maury Street that runs to the top of the Floodwall that is part of the Richmond Slave Trail, connecting Ancarrow’s Landing to the east and the eastern portion of the Floodwall walk.

The views of downtown and the James River from that gravel road area are very good. It may not be the most scenic view of the industrial side of Manchester, but it would keep more land from being developed and continue development of a greenway from Anncarrow’s Landing toward the western portion of the Floodwall.


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