Soiled Gillies Creek finally getting attention

On the heels of CSX sponsoring a program this past Saturday that planted 76 trees along Gillies Creek, now the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Rex Springston writes about plans to further improve the neglected and abused tributary to the James River: 

The State Water Control Board took a step toward cleaning the James River from Richmond to Hopewell. The board agreed to send to the Environmental Protection Agency, for approval by the federal office, a plan to reduce fecal bacteria in the James. The bacteria can pose a health risk to swimmers and waders.

Much of the discussion at the board meeting centered on whether Richmond should be required to spend millions of dollars to clean Gillies Creek, a gritty, urban stream that flows into the James in the city’s east end.

The health of the James in Richmond grades well until it reaches the tidal waters downtown, and Gillies Creek is one of the problem tributaries in the watershed. NOTE: Could not locate a link to the study I saw that had the grades for downtown Richmond and beyond. Need help!


2 responses to “Soiled Gillies Creek finally getting attention

  1. You are thinking of the Chesapeake Bay Report Card, here is the link:

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