JRA: Virginia must meet duty for clean James River

James River AssociationBill Street, executive director of the James River Association, wrote an editorial in Sunday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch about protecting the James River and Chesapeake Bay from pollution:

Disappointingly, Virginia’s recently released draft cleanup plan misses the mark for the James River. While it strives to meet the pollution limits set for every other part of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, it proposes to do only 60 percent of the job for the James River. Instead, the commonwealth wants to change the definition of what “clean” means — but only for the James.

In other words, rather than putting in place a plan that would require concrete action to improve water quality, the state is planning to revise the rules so that more pollution can continue to be discharged into our river.

W. Tayloe Murphy Jr. also declared in the Times-Dispatch that the Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforst are still plagued by “free lunches” to polluters:

I urge Bay state leaders to stop handing out “free lunches” to the polluters and hold them accountable by supporting the Chesapeake Clean Water Act. A truly restored Chesapeake Bay will redound to everyone’s benefit, boosting jobs, the economy, and quality of life. Twenty-five years hence, let us not be recycling old speeches; let us instead be celebrating a clean Bay. 

Those concerned about a healthy James River should let their voices be heard by submitting their comments by e-mail to vabaytmdl@dcr.virginia.gov or by attending the public comment meeting Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Robins Pavilion Jepson Alumni Center, University of Richmond, 28 Westhampton Way.


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