RIVER RAVE: Richmond Folk Festival from the James River

Photo by Rich Young: Richmond skyline from area down river from Reedy Creek takeoutDuring the 2009 Richmond Folk Festival, I took a kayak trip down the James River from Pony Pasture to Reedy Creek. The best part of the trip was as we reached the area near the takeout and the Richmond skyline came into view, we could clearly hear the sound from the festival downriver. It was a great feeling as we stopped our kayaks against some rocks and just listened to the music.

The Richmond Folk Festival is happening again this weekend and the settings among Tredegar Iron Works and Brown’s Island highlights the James River. Paddlers could stop in the flat area between Belle Isle and Brown’s Island to listen and one of these years paddlers might be able to run down the James to the festival and takeout at Tredegar Beach, paddle in the Haxall Canal around Brown’s Island and then take a canal boat or paddle back up the Kanawha Canal from Oregon Hill to The Pumphouse…

Would you paddle to the Richmond Folk Festival? Would you paddle in the canal at Brown’s Island during concerts and events? It’s possible, just keep telling the City of Richmond that’s what you want!

-by Phil Riggan [Photo courtesy Rich Young on Flickr.com]


One response to “RIVER RAVE: Richmond Folk Festival from the James River

  1. modernatelierperfumes

    How cool would it be to have a floating stage? Or a floating listening dock? You could easily chill out on a kayak or small boat in the Kanawha Canal and hear music from the T-D stage, and the Dominion Stage is right by the Belle Isle footbridge so you could hear well from the river itself there.

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