Share your biggest brush with wildlife on the James

Snake sunning on a rock at Williams IslandThere have been rumors of a bear living on Williams Island. Eagles, osprey and Great Blue Heron nesting all throughout the Falls of the James. Big fish of many kinds. Snakes, turtles and lizards and all over the place. Deer, raccoon, fox, possum….you name it, the James is home to plenty of wildlife. Have you ever had a memorable encounter with wildlife on the James River? Share your story!


3 responses to “Share your biggest brush with wildlife on the James

  1. I have seen a few copperheads and muskrats along the river. But I still get spooked by the huge gar that swim past me while wading for smallies.

  2. very large gar. grey fox near coopers. plenty of eagles and osprey. tons of different snakes. even a rare rough green snake!!

  3. A few weeks back when the water level was low, friends and I saw many, many large catfish, two, three and up to four feet long, maybe longer. There were flatheads and blue catfish and at one point our kayaks were surrounded by fish, maybe 75-100 or so. We did some snorkeling over some of them and could even swim down and touch them. That was a memorable bunch of paddles on the James.

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