Order your James River Park license plate, support the park

Download the application for the James River Park license plateRiver lovers unite! Show the Virginia General Assembly that you support the James River Park System by pre-ordering a park license plate. Help us get 200 applications by November 30. It costs just $25 ($35 for a vanity). Tell your friends! Download the application (PDF, 600kb) and complete information.

Friends of the James River ParkThe largest and most unique park in Richmond is the James River Park System.  It includes over 550 acres of shoreline and islands in the heart of the city. The Park encompasses most of the fall line of the James with rocks, rapids, meadows and forests making for an area of unspoiled natural beauty – “a little bit of wilderness in the heart of the city.” The Park offers some of our country’s best opportunities for whitewater and flat-water canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking, jogging, sunbathing, wildlife exploration, historical study and much more. Richmond’s downtown master plan refers to the James River Park as our “great, wet Central Park.”
Now you can show your love of the James River Park System and be among the first in Richmond to own a James River Park System license plate! These unique plates are available for pre-orders NOW and, pending the 2011 General Assembly approval should be delivered to you by June 2011. In order to pass the first hurdle we must collect 350 applications with payments before the General Assembly begins its 2011 session.

This special license plate is being developed and implemented by the Friends of The James River Park organization. Although FOJRP is administering the program, the specialty plate is for the James River Park System, not the FOJRP or any other individual organization. The purpose of the specialty plate is two-fold: for citizens to proudly display their love of the Park and to generate significant revenue that will be used to preserve, protect, nurture and enhance the enjoyment of the Park’s natural and historic environments for all citizens.


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