Be a better volunteer: Sustainable Trail Building 101

Richmond Mid-Atlantic Off Roads Enthusiasts The James River Park System and Richmond-MORE will be conducting a trail building and maintenance class on Saturday, Oct. 23, starting at 9 a.m. The morning session of the class will be held at the Pump House. Following a short break for lunch, the class will then continue to a section of the North Bank Trail which is slated for a re-route. The afternoon session will end around 4 p.m.

The class will be taught by Nathan Burrell and Mike Burton of the James River Park System. Nathan, the JRPS trails manager, brings a wealth of knowledge to urban trail building and has lectured at the state and national level on sustainable trail building in an urban environment.

Topics covered in this class will include:

  • Sustainable trail design
  • Basic Construction
  • Turns, drainage, and bridges
  • Trail re-routes
  • Trail reclamation
  • Rock Work
  • Mechanized trail building vs. manual trail building
  • Effective use of signage
  • Political environment

Mike, a principal in Long Cane Trails LLC, is a professional trail builder who just relocated to the Richmond area and is now on the staff of the James River Park System. Mike has extensive experience in urban trail building and mechanized trail building in particular. See his website for examples of his work.


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