RIVER LOVERS: Matt Perry, Riverside Outfitters

Matt Perry of Riverside OutfittersNAME & PROFESSION: Matt Perry, President and co-owner Riverside Outfitters. 

JAMES RIVER ORGANIZATIONS: Friends of the James River Park, James River Outdoor Coalition, James River Association. 

WHY YOU LOVE THE JAMES: It’s incredible, natural beauty that changes with the seasons. Diversity of recreation options. Nature dictates the character of the river — not men and dam release schedules. It’s a collective backyard for us all in a time when “apart” seems to be more prevalent than “together.”

Matt Perry, President and co-owner Riverside Outfitters. HOW YOU HELP THE RIVER: Help people fall in love (or back in love) with it. Advocate publicly for its protection and conservation. Donate time and money to river-based causes. Clean up litter. Dislodge severe strainers. Ensure my kids understand its importance and magnificence. Keep it company every chance I get. Deeply appreciate it. 

WHAT WOULD YOU IMPROVE OR CHANGE: Spread the love from two or three areas of high-density river use (Belle Isle, Pony Pasture, Huguenot Flatwater) to five or six areas of lower-density use (including better access and parking at Bosher’s Dam, Powhite or  maybe the Pump House).


2 responses to “RIVER LOVERS: Matt Perry, Riverside Outfitters

  1. Three cheers for Matt and Riverside Outfitters! They generously support the river and make it a fun, safe place for visitors.

  2. Thanks Matt and Riverside Outfitters, for making Richmond a great place to live and visit. If you haven’t taken a raft trip here yet, what are you waiting for?

    Maureen, Friends of James River Park

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