RIVER RANT: Does the James need more access points to the river?

Huguenot Flatwater is the western-most property in the JRPSThe James River Park System has 17 properties under its care, but less than half have easy access for paddlers to the river: Huguenot Flatwater, Pony Pasture, Reedy Creek in the Main Area, Tredegar Beach at Brown’s Island, 14th Street Takeout, takeout at the southbank at Mayo Bridge and Ancarrow’s Landing.

There has been discussion among the groups that help plan and maintain the park — namely the Friends of the James River Park and James River Outdoor Coalition — that more access points would be welcomed. Creating more access points could help relieve some of the congestion at the most popular parks, especially Pony Pasture. Current favorites for potential access points could be at the Willey Bridge, Pump House Park or near the Powhite Parkway Bridge.

Do you think the James River needs more access points? What property(s) would you recommend? How big a priority are access points?


3 responses to “RIVER RANT: Does the James need more access points to the river?

  1. Access points are a key shortcoming for the JRPS. I can think of almost none that are easy to find or don’t have issues such as limited or unsecured parking. For those who know how to access the river it is a great playground. For those who don’t it is just something that you drive over. We don’t do enough to encourage the casual user to enjoy the river. Mayo Island and the canal leading to Great Shiplock Park represent one of the few areas that could still offer mixed use easy access to the river.

    The River Reserve

    Richmond’s Riverfront Marketplace

  2. My biggest problem is Pony Pasture, namely the crowds in the summer. I stopped putting in there, unless it is early int he day. Getting out is less of a hassle, but I do think there are more places the city could develop parking for people to spread out.

  3. Everyone knows of the “to the Bottom and Back Bus” I’ve wondered how much it would be to have a bus shuttle (with bike & boat racks) loop around the popular lots/places on Saturdays & Sundays

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