Excuse me Boulevard Bridge, I think you dropped something

A drainage pipe from Boulevard Bridge resting on the southbank of the James RiverThe Boulevard Bridge bisects the James River Park System and is a key access for many rivergoers. For anyone that has ever crossed on the bridge, you’ve seen for yourself one of the most beautiful vantage points in the city to see the James.

Drainage pipes from Boulevard BridgeBut the old bridge isn’t perfect. It was completed in 1925 and has undergone many makeovers and upgrades through the years, including this past summer. For many years, a 5-cent toll levied for crossing the 2,000 foot span, and it became widely known as the “Nickel Bridge.”

There have been a handful of times that one could find stray, fallen, metal rainwater downspout pipes from the bridge in the James on the downriver side of the span. In this case, one of the pipes worked its way to the south bank of the river and actually stuck up out of the water. It must be somewhat recent because it is not completely covered in debris after the recent storms and higher water levels.


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