RIVER RAVE: Finding treasure in the James River

Rock found at Pony Pasture Rapids Park, could it have been used for cutting by Native Americans?On any given visit to the James River park, there is a great chance that if you keep your eyes open, you’d see an amazing display of nature, a great landscape or scenery, or find an object that you can’t explain.

For example, my nephew found a very interesting rock at Pony Pasture Rapids Park that could have been used for cutting animal skin, fish, carving wood or making a dugout canoe. It fit perfectly into the palm of an adult hand and had grooves for a thumb or maybe even a rope. Could it have been used for cutting by Native Americans? Maybe the rock was none of those things, but it was fun imagining its potential uses.

What have you found on visits to the James River Park? A favorite memory of a sunset or nature scene? An encounter with an artifact? The perfect walking stick?


4 responses to “RIVER RAVE: Finding treasure in the James River

  1. yeah, that’s just a rock

  2. My comment regards walking sticks. There is some kind of gum tree that grows on hillsides all over Virginia. In the spring around April they are about 6 to 8 feet high and can be cut down with a kitchen knife. They are flexible, strong and light. They are great for hiking in the park or the mountains. I harvest a few each year, but not in the park where I wouldn’t cut anything down.

  3. I know there are sweet gums and black gum trees (less of them) do you happen to know for sure what the tree is? What the leaves look like?

  4. I found a rock-like object that is about 2″ round but it has very slight flat surfaces that suggest it once was a cube. I found it up near Bosher’s dam in the river, it is dark brown not quite as heavy as granite, thinking it might be a fired clay thing, definitely not brick, it’s too fine. I might be able to get a picture up.

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