RIVER RANT: How to protect the Reedy Creek parking lot?

Reedy Creek parking lot, viewed from Riverside DriveThe Reedy Creek parking area in the Main Section of the James River Park System has a reputation for car break-ins. For all the paddlers that either put-in or take-out at Reedy Creek; bikers and hikers that hit the Buttermilk Trail; dog-walkers that walk the gravel path near the visitor’s center; there may be an improvement to the situation.

Broken car window glass in Reedy Creek parking lotThere is good potential for cameras to be installed in the Reedy Creek parking lot, which could have a great impact on improving the safety of the vehicles people leave while they play at the James. The parking lot is notorious in part because it is hidden from view from traffic on Riverside Drive and the houses above the lot. People often leave their cars for hours in the lot, and are easy prey for would-be robbers.

Reedy Creek parking lotCameras could also have an impact on Hillcrest Road, which ends at the entrance to Reedy Creek and has for years been the safer choice for people that fear parking in the hidden parking lot below.

Have you ever had a break-in in the Reedy Creek parking lot? Would you be in favor of installing security cameras? How bad is the parking lot in your estimation?


2 responses to “RIVER RANT: How to protect the Reedy Creek parking lot?

  1. Not my car, but I have seen other people staring at the shattered glass in their backseat. I feel like I should apologize to them, especially when they are from outside Richmond. Most likely they will never come back.

  2. As a 14 year resident of Hillcrest, I’ve watched cars on Hillcrest get broken into–and naturally called the cops everytime. We desperately need camera’s in the parking lot, anything ANYTHING that cuts down on Hillcrest parking. While I love to see more people using the park, unfortunately it’s inconsiderate morons (like aa kayakers red Chevy Avalanche parked backwards, ass end hanging out in the middle of the street for hours recently) that seem to be multiplying.

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