Build the Buttermilk with Richmond-MORE Saturday

Want to build the James River Park mountain bike trails Saturday instead of doing the Richmond Marathon?  From Richmond-MORE:

Richmond ASR, and a group of VCU students will be joining Nathan, Mike, Andrew, Will and company to help knock out a punch list of items that we need to fix on Buttermilk. Included on that list are reclaiming some trail, some trail tread work and of course some rock armoring work. We’d love to see a good Richmond MORE showing and get the tasks knocked out. Please come down and join us if you have some time to spare. The meet up time & location will be 9am at the JRPS 42nd street parking lot. You can pick the trail up in the back of the parking lot. Just follow the Buttermilk trail West until you get to the first “creek crossing.”

  • When: Saturday 11-13-10 9am
  • Where: Please park at the James River Park 42nd street parking lot. The lot is located at 42nd street and Riverside Drive. If you notice the parking lot gate closed and it doesn’t open when you pull up to it you may need to manually open the gate to let yourself in. Once parked in the lot please head to the back of the parking lot and proceed West down the Buttermilk Trail to the 1st water crossing.
  • Bring: Same as always; gloves, comfortable shoes or work boots, water, a snack and a smile.

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