‘A Day in the Park for Wayne’ Saturday at Forest Hill Park

Wayne Goodman of Richmond MOREThe volunteer trail building group Richmond-MORE is asking for all trail riders and hikers to come out to Forest Hill Park Saturday to support Wayne Goodman, a legend in the trail building community who was severely injured September 18 while cycling at FHP and is recovering at the VCU Medical Center’s spinal cord rehabilitation unit. Here is the invitation from RA-MORE:

Wayne, who has donated literally thousands of hours of his time as well as money, blood, sweat and tears, is now in need of our help.

A small committee of his friends has formed to plan events and other means to help Wayne in his time of need.   We are announcing the first event which will occur on Saturday, December 4 at 2:00 p.m.at the main shelter (shelter #2) in Forest Hill Park. To get there, you should enter the park by heading north on 42nd Street, then turn right into the park at New Kent Avenue.

We will be taking donations and selling “G-Man” t-shirts where all proceeds will go towards helping Wayne with his finances. The location will be the main shelter at the back of the park. We will have coffee, hot cider, brownies, cookies and anything anyone else would like to donate.

We are also planning to post a donation link on Wayne’s website at http://cantholdagoodmandown.com/  in order that donations can be accepted from individuals or groups wishing to help out but don’t have the availability to attend fund-raising activities.

Additional events are now being discussed and further information will be provided as the details are confirmed.

Wayne remains very positive in his recovery and his rehab team reports very encouraging progress.  The road is going be long and Wayne knows this will be the toughest race of his life.


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