Peter Bruce is a quote machine with positive attitude

James River Park System head of maintenance Peter BrucePeter Bruce is head of maintenance for the James River Park System and is one of the most colorful and positive-thinking characters I’ve run across. I did a story on him in Summer 2009 and catch up with him on occassion in the parks. He loves volunteers and is always good for many laughs and interesting conversation.

The JRPS staff cares for more than 650 acres of park land, including 17 parks and many extra areas. The work is hard and hours can be very long. I caught up with Peter at the Winter Solstice Celebration. Here is a collection I’ve made of his quotes over the years, please add your own:

“Work the task, not the time.”

“Everyday is a new day for learning. You never stop that thirst for knowledge.”

“Everyday is an open classroom, we are students all our life.”

“It’s easy to work hard when you love your work.”

“Volunteers is the stronghold of the James River Park System.”

“I tell everybody… just get a map and come to the James River… bring your family, get away… just to walk and enjoy it.”

“Spend a day in a positive atmosphere, helping the environment.”

“200-300 trash cans, and in the hot spots, if we miss one day, you’ve got a pyramid of trash.”


2 responses to “Peter Bruce is a quote machine with positive attitude

  1. Friends of James River Park appreciates so much what Mr. Bruce does every day for the city and all park users from all over. He is a great ambassador for the JRPS. Help him out the next time you are in the park by picking up trash and recycling what you can.

  2. You just made my day. Thanks for presenting a positive guy with something to say.

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