Help Richmond-MORE build trails at Belle Isle

NOTE: Postponed by snow

Give back to the people of Richmond-MORE that help build and maintain the excellent biking and hiking trails in the James River Park:

This Saturday we will once again be working over on Belle Isle. We have some buffing and finish work to do on the trail that comes off the top of the island and heads down to the service road by the hydro plant. We also have some bench cutting and other trail work to do on the trail that takes you from the service road near the hydro plant and back around to the lost garden. Getting this rocky TTF put in and the connector trail that allows you to tie it into the trails at the top of the island has really added something fun for the more experienced riders and we really appreciate everyone’s efforts in making this happen. So if you have a few hours to spare please come on out and lend a hand on Saturday.

When: 1-8-11 Saturday @ 9am

Where: The easiest thing to do is park in the Tredegar street parking lot (the lot commonly used for Belle Isle/Browns Island events. Underneath the train tracks near Tredegar Iron Works) and cross the concrete footbridge to gain access to Belle Isle. Once on Belle Isle follow the paved pathway towards the back of the island to the wooden access bridge. You can also park on 21st St. and ride your bike over to come in the back side.

Bring: Same as always; gloves, comfortable shoes or work boots, water, a snack and a smile. 


2 responses to “Help Richmond-MORE build trails at Belle Isle

  1. I may or may not make it, but I am very thankful to MORE for their work. They are doing amazing things.

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