Banks under the Boulevard Bridge need some love

Trash building up under the Boulevard Bridge in North Bank ParkThe Boulevard Bridge has one of the best vantage points to get a quick glance at the James River for drivers, runners and bikers alike. But try to keep your eyes on the river and the rocks and not on the area underneath the bridge on the north bank of the river.  It is dotted with an excessive amount of trash, exposed by the lack of vegetation in the winter months.

Who is up for a real clean up? It appears to be mostly trash that may have floated down the river, but judging from about 30 feet away, it could be plenty of cups, bottles and trash tossed from vehicles, which would be a complete travesty.

The south bank is much less trashed.  The trails are easier to access and is patrolled a little more often. Maybe we should put in a request with


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