Which bank of the James has more river lovers?

Kayaker in the Main Area of the James RiverI’ve always been under the impression that the people who live near Pony Pasture and the entrance to Reedy Creek on the south bank of the James are the most in tune with the river, but lately I’ve encountered plenty of north bank dwellers who are just as pationate.

There are 17 parcels of land that the James River Park is in charge of maintaining, and less than half are on the north bank. The south bank has more parking and several key put-ins.  But does the south bank have the most residents that love the river?

Come on Windsor Farms, Byrd Park, Randolph, Oregon Hill, Downtown, River District, Church Hill and Rocketts Landing…defends yourselves against Oxford Hills, Stratford Hills, Westover Hills, Forest Hill, Woodland Heights, Spring Hill and the Manchester District. (I’m sure I left some neighborhoods out, sorry.) 

Those of you within walking/biking distance of the river, who has the most river lovers? South bank? North bank?


4 responses to “Which bank of the James has more river lovers?

  1. Pony Pasture and Wetlands twice every day–PP in the morning and Wetlands in the afternoon

  2. North Bank. I can walk to Belle Isle easily (walking back is a little tougher). I can also quickly get to other sites like Brown’s Island for Friday Cheers and the Folk Fest and Tredegar. Plus I love it when trains chug past on the trestle crossing the island, especially during concerts.

  3. Monroe Ward, represent. I can see my house from the North Bank trailhead.

    My pup loves the geese on Brown’s Island.

  4. River District – Pipeline Rapids:
    My wife and I are trying to count Herons and nests at the rookery this year. We watch from our windows on the 3rd floor of the Riverside. Starting Jan. 1, 52 nests. Not seeing any new construction or additions just yet. We watched 2 Herons hanging out during the winter. Have no idea why they didn’t go wherever they go. Counted 11 last weekend (Jan. 29) mostly unpaired. Counted 22 early this morning and 25 by mid afternoon. About a third to half appear paired up.

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