James River license plate hits General Assembly Tuesday

Friends of the James River ParkThe James River License plate effort exceeded the 350 application barrier in time for consideration from the Virginia General Assembly. If you’re into tracking legislation, the license plate bill is HB 2414, sponsored by Del. Delores McQuinn (70th District) and Del. Betsy Carr (69th District). From McQuinn to the Friends of the James River Park:

The bill for the James River License Plate is scheduled to come up next Tuesday morning, February 1, at  7:30 a.m. in Subcommittee #3 of the House Transportation Committee, which meets in the 7th West Conference Room.  I would appreciate your attendance and anyone else interested.

Download the application for the James River Park license plateEarlier this month, the FOJRP announced in a newsletter:

Del. McQuinn will introduce the bill to make the plates official, the General Assembly had better approve it, DMV will make them, and we will wear them with pride. The swelling of community pride that we’ve seen from so many quarters has also been awe-inspiring. This park strikes a chord with people, as you well know. Folks who have never heard of FOJRP want to be connected to the JRPS, contribute to it, and show their pride in it. Our job is to take that connection and turn it into events and projects that help people contribute, so that we can build on Ralph’s, Nathan’s, Peter’s, and the rest of the staff’s  hard work and dedication. 


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