XTERRA races threatening to bolt Richmond for Charlotte

Here we go again.  This situation arose last year and seems to be a repeat for 2011. Michael Martz of the Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting that Richmond could lose XTERRA races after this year:

Richmond has come to a crossroads with the organizers of an off-road triathlon that has helped bring national recognition to the city’s expanding trail system along the James River.

The organizers of the XTERRA American Tour say they will move the event’s eastern regional championship out of Richmond after the 13th annual competition here in June unless they receive financial help.

“We’re coming this year — we want to come forever,” Dave Nicholas, managing director of the tour, told Richmond officials at a meeting Jan. 5, during which he asked the city for $25,000.

Richmond may not need this race, but all the volunteers that spend countless hours building the trails for free to allow the City of Richmond to get a hefty chunk of money from the tourism and the prestige and “street cred” in the outdoor world deserve a better fate than losing this race over $25,000.

The trails in Richmond get plenty of use, and that wouldn’t likely diminish, but the reward for Richmond financially with outdoor events of this level should not be ignored. If Mayor Dwight Jones is so set on Richmond becoming a bike and pedestrian friendly city and continue to support the greenways and blueways efforts, he needs to get behind supporting the XTERRA races. A $25,000 check is a drop in the bucket compared to all the waste that goes on at City Hall.


4 responses to “XTERRA races threatening to bolt Richmond for Charlotte

  1. If this is a repeat of last year, how was it resolved before? Did City Hall pay them the money or did another sponsor deliver the ransom? The article mentions that Sports Backers said they have not been approached by XTERRA so it seems there are still options to explore. I just don’t really buy the line that this global promotional company can’t find a couple sponsors to plug a $25k budget gap.

  2. It’s just an outdoor sporting event. It’s not like it’s AAA baseball… The city would never let the Braves leave. Or the Renedorivergades. The city is all about keeping events downtown! Who’s ready for Friday Cheers?!?

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  4. I’ve ridden a bit in the Charlotte area. It sucked; and I was told that it was a premier Charlotte area trail. Its not that the trails were bad per-se but rather the background was bland. The cool thing about riding here is how interesting our trails are as well as the landscape around them. I’m not sure if Sean is being sarcastic but I would trade the Braves for the Squirrels any time. Something like the Xterra races isn’t held here because most of the riders are from this area. It is held here because this is a good destination with good trails and someone pays for it to be here. The Braves and the Renegades folded because they were’t popular enough for various reasons. and people didn’t want to go to games.

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