Mayor Jones includes biking, green spaces in State of City

Here are the outdoor-specific details from Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones’ State of the City delivered Thursday night at the Hippodrome in Jackson Ward:

Where health and sustainability are concerned, we’ll continue to work hard for a healthy city, with new bike trails, safer streets…. We will work to preserve our land, water and air quality. We want more control over our health policies and priorities. 

HEALTH POLICY: Last year, I established a Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Policy. The Commission recommends that we:

  • require green spaces, trails, bike and walking paths in all new community plans.

BIKE COMMISSION: I also established the Mayor’s Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Planning Commission and hundreds of enthusiastic participants gave their input at a public forum. In addition an on-line survey received over 1200 responses.

The Commission made several recommendations including:

  • creating a Coordinator Position for the City of Richmond;
  • implementing a “Complete Streets” policy making room for cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians;
  • developing a dedicated funding stream for  infrastructure;
  • establishing education/safety programs for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians;
  • and prioritizing official vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian routes for the City of Richmond.

These progressive recommendations are being advanced to City Council for formal adoption. And if approved, this is work we can begin within the next paving season. This is work that will go a long way toward making our city healthier, cleaner and safe for everyone.

NOTE: Unrelated portions of the Health statements were deleted


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