Which is the ‘Best River Spot’ on the James?

Check out the “Best River Spot” poll at Richmond.com today and give your input!

What would Richmond be without the James River? Rock-hopping on Belle Isle. Going swimming at Pony Pasture. Kayaking down the Huguenot Flatwater at sunset.

We don’t even want to think about life without the James. It’s part of what makes Richmond so beautiful and unique. But just what is your favorite river spot in all of Richmond? Let’s find out! Vote for your fave.


4 responses to “Which is the ‘Best River Spot’ on the James?

  1. The Pony Pasture rocks that are opposite the Crossover Path.

  2. I like so many places on the river. For your contest, I’ll vote for walking on the Brown’s Island pipeline when the river is high and herons are nesting.

  3. the stretch on either side of the railroad bridge, particularly Choo Choo Rapids beach. Woot!

  4. Pipeline: walking above a bloated James, or bouldering and beaching at lower levels … maybe I’m biased. 🙂

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