Guidebook to the James River in Richmond announced

"The James River in Richmond NOW!" is a forthcoming book by John Bryan and Phil RigganThe James River in Richmond NOW! is a forthcoming book by John Bryan and Phil Riggan (James River News Hub), and is scheduled for publication in May 2012.

It will be a guide to enjoying the Richmond portion of the James – along the Falls of the James River from Bosher’s Dam to Ancarrow’s Landing. It will feature information, stories, and photos relating to the river’s history, its future, and the wide variety of ways that it provides enrichment and enjoyment for our lives today.  We will cover everything you can do on the James in Richmond: paddling, fishing, swimming, biking, hiking, snorkeling, bird-watching, volunteering, working, preserving, geocaching, thrill-seeking, learning, sunbathing, partying, relaxing and more.

Bryan has authored several books, including The James River in Richmond: Your Guide to Enjoying America’s Best Urban Waterway in 1997 and was the first real guidebook to the James. This second guidebook would be the second published covering the Falls of the James in Richmond.

Occasionally in 2011, stories will be posted on the JRNH website seeking feedback from readers that may be used in the guidebook. If you would like to participate in the book, share a story or suggest an idea, please email and please be ready for the guidebook in May 2012!


7 responses to “Guidebook to the James River in Richmond announced

  1. I’m excited about the book. But at the same time I am worried I may one day find others in some of my “secret” spots….

  2. It’s quite possible Matt, but there are worse risks. I guess that means we can’t count on you sharing your favorite spot, eh? Thank you!

  3. Matt, as long as you are willing to hike I think there will always be plenty of secret spots to go around. It’s the ones closest to parking that fill up the fastest. Phil best of luck with the book! I’d offer some tubing tips but we mostly follow the same routes the kayakers do.

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  5. I loved John Bryan’s first book and look forward to the sequel. He’s a great asset to Richmond and the two of you are going to have a blast doing this project in the coming months. Good luck!

  6. definitely looking forward to the book. his first was great! ive got some good wildlife photos ive taken at the river over the past few years (blue herons, bald eagles, snakes, etc.) any way we could submit some for the book?

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