Ride safer: Riverside Drive now less like landmine field

Potholes repaired on Riverside DriveRiverside Drive on Richmond’s south bank has the designation as of being a scenic byway, but most drivers and bikers have probably spent more time just keeping their eyes on the road itself to avoid potholes.

That might not be as bad of a problem now. The roadway on Riverside Drive has been a mess for a long time, but some recent repairs may allow for more sight-seeing as several potholes between the Boulevard Bridge and 42nd Street have been patched.

“We filled a considerable amount of potholes in the past few weeks…finished patching up some of the work today,” said Sharon North, public information officer for the Department of Public Works. The recent break from freezing temperatures has made it possible for the work to be done with regular permanent asphalt patching material.

That’s not to suggest that drivers and biker can resume not watching where they are going, just that maybe you won’t have to dodge potholes for a while. If you want to track potholes, check the NBC12 Pothole Patrol.


2 responses to “Ride safer: Riverside Drive now less like landmine field

  1. From JRNH Facebook page:
    Karl Gordon: I would be excited about resurfacing at the bottom of the two big hills just west of 42nd St., they are in really bad condition and can’t be ridden with any kind of speed. Simple pothole repairs often don’t turnout well for cyclist.

  2. I confess to liking a few potholes as they tend to slow down the cars; or, make them pay dearly for speeding

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