Caught on tape: Albino python prowls at Belle Isle

Snake in the James River at Belle Isle

Credit: NBC12

A Richmond man on Belle Isle shot video of an eight-foot long albino snake, perhaps a python, as it slithered in the James River, according to NBC12’s Tara Morgan.  The snake was someone’s pet and the owner let it loose for a while Sunday, freaking out some onlookers. Was it legal? The NBC12 said:

According to Richmond Parks and Recreation, there’s no regulation against bringing a snake-like that into a city park but once you let go of that reptile you’re breaking state law and it could lead to jail time. It’s against state law for reptile owners to knowingly allow them to run at large or in this case slither.


2 responses to “Caught on tape: Albino python prowls at Belle Isle


    “Burmese pythons—an invasive species in south Florida—could find comfortable climatic conditions in roughly a third of the United States according to new “climate maps” developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Although other factors such as type of food available and suitable shelter also play a role, Burmese pythons and other giant constrictor snakes have shown themselves to be highly adaptable to new environments.”
    Burmese pythons have been found to eat endangered Key Largo woodrats and rare round-tailed muskrats. “This makes it that much more difficult to recover these dwindling populations and restore the Everglades,” said park biologist Skip Snow, “and all the more important that pet owners be responsible in their choice of pet and dispose of it properly should they need to. Releasing them into the environment is bad for that pet, bad for native species, and also illegal.”

  2. Released just for a while? Did the owner whistle and say ‘here boy’ and the snake came slithering back?

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