Great blue heron rookery update (and osprey sighting)

Great blue heron


The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Rex Springston had a story in Monday’s edition about the great blue heron rookery and had many good quotes from nature-lovers. We’ve also got a Pipeline Rapids rookery update from JRNH’s eye in the sky, Jim Alexander:

We’re thinking the colony  has stabilized for the season, and from our view, it’s a full house. Sat. morn between 7:15 and 7:25 counted 52, then 49 with handheld binoculars, and then 58 and 55 with mounted. Sunday morning, 7:30, 53 and 53, then 67 and 63. Considerable nest refurbishing occurring as we watched many pairs proceed through several rounds of nest, to river bank, twig grab, back to next, hand off to mate to work material into place. We’ve been looking for new nest building and we’re fairly certain we saw the beginning of one. We’ll keep an eye on it. Oh yea, we saw our first mating of the season – what a spectacular, borderline weird, maneuver.
Osprey nest atop a power tower at Pipeline RapidsFinally saw an osprey in the “huge” nest, just West of the rookery, atop the power line tower. Chicks have been raised up there the past several years, so we’ve been waiting for activity. This one perched there for an hour and a half before perusing the river heading South.


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