Virginia Living getting on board the East Coast Greenway effort

Virginia LivingTricia Pearsall is a writer for Virginia Living and a member of the James River Outdoor Coalition. She wrote an article about the East Coast Greenway, noting that Virginia will spend $150 million on roads this year. Instead, why not spend some of that money on a greenway where it can be used for recreation, and/or alternative transportation?

The main spine would keep south into Richmond’s James River Park, across Belle Isle, along numerous proposed local greenways to Petersburg and to the Lower Appomatox River Trail. Then on to the Tobacco Heritage Trail and into North Carolina following the Norfolk Southern corridor and 60 miles south.

The Village of Rocketts Landing blog has an update on the Virginia Capital Trail — a paved pedestrian walking and cycling path that will ultimately span 55 miles and connect Richmond to Williamsburg and is a key portion of the East Coast Greenway.


One response to “Virginia Living getting on board the East Coast Greenway effort

  1. Hopefully, Oregon Hill, Fan, VCU, and other north bank residents will be able to access the East Coast Greenway and Capital to Capital Trail through the Canal Walk. (Where’s our new Canal bridge down from Oregon Hill?)

    I believe we will eventually see many more international tourists coming through Richmond, bicycling on the ECG.

    The fact that this is where the intersection of the ECG and Cap to Cap Trail will be will make Richmond a natural stopping/resting destination (good news for hostel efforts).

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