Richmond Parks & Recreation audit shows more trouble

Richmond City Auditor Umesh Dalal released a 24-page report covering Richmond’s entire Department of Parks, Recreations and Community Facilities. CBS6 covered this story yesterday, and while the James River Park was not included in their story, the parks department is still under fire since an incident in mid-November 2010 led to the resignation of the popular former parks director J.R. Pope and the installation of Dr. Carolyn Graham as director.

Here is a statement from Mayor Dwight Jones to CBS6:

In November of last year, we requested a thorough review of divisions of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities. Today’s report reflects the review requested of the Citywide Maintenance and Parks Operations divisions. The auditor has highlighted many concerns including the fact that management processes in the divisions need significant improvement and effective operational processes are lacking. Clearly, such weak operational procedures cannot be allowed for. Also, proper accountability over city resources must be a fundamental and core function of all city departments. While management officials in the department have concurred with the findings of the review and have begun taking steps to implement solutions, I want to assure the public that additional corrective actions will be taken as we continue to address all issues of concern in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities.


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