James River Park lovers checking to make sure parks are still there

A bridge over Pleasants Creek connects Pony Pasture Rapids Park with The WetlandsA Conservation Easement was placed on right parcels of the James River Park System in May of 2009. The Virginia Department of Conservation, the Capitol Region Land Conservancy and the EnRichmond Foundation (formerly the Richmond Recreation and Parks Foundation) are the conservation easement holders.  This open space and conservation easement, in general, restricts all future development in each parcel, although it does allow for regular maintenance and replacement in kind by the City’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities.

A pipe runs over Pleasants Creek in Pony Pasture Rapids ParkAn annual inspection of the entire JRPS conservation easement must be performed each year. Inspectors are essentially looking at color photographs and comparing to see whether the conditions in the park are the same, or substantially changed or altered. Checking footbridges, signage, existing structures, paths, etc., to confirm the park hasn’t been altered drastically.

The park parcels that are being inspected this week and next are Huguenot Flatwater, Pony Pasture Rapids, The Wetlands, the Main Area, Pump House, North Bank, Belle Isle and Great Ship Lock. The inspections are being done by volunteers from the Friends of the James River Park.


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