New Buttermilk Trail boardwalk has a “skinny” spur

Skinny spur TTF at Buttermilk Trail boardwalk

Credit: Richmond MORE

If you haven’t been mountain biking, hiking or running on the Buttermilk Trail lately, you may not know about the recent work just east of the Reedy Creek Parking lot. In addition to all the ivy being cut by volunteers, Richmond MORE and the James River Park crew have been working on more permanent upgrades and have added a fun, challenging technical trail feature. Check the photos on our facebook page, and check this update from Richmond MORE:

The trail crew was hard at work on Saturday. First up was rerouting the climb from Buttermilk to Riverside Drive by Reedy Creek. The trail has been moved further up the hill and should provide a nicer more sustainable entrance to Buttermilk. Props to the VCU students that came out and moved rock and dirt all morning.

Next up the Buttermilk Boardwalk. As some of you may know the boardwalk on Buttermilk was extended quite a bit the weekend prior. During heavy rains a steam would flow down and across this section of trail. The boardwalk extension should eliminate any potential drainage problems and avoid the sandy section of trail. This weekend an alternate line (aka skinny) was added to the boardwalk. During the week and potentially next weekend, we’ll be adding an extension to the skinny off the other side of the boardwalk.


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