Help a JRPS lover win National Geographic Channel Grant

Interesting blog from Virginia Living’s Tricia Pearsall. She wrote a story in 2008 for Virginia Living titled A River Lorax chronicling the amazing adventures of National Geographic Young Explorer, filmmaker, kayaker and passionate environmental protector, Trip Jennings. Last year, Trip won the National Geographic Channel Grant for ‘The Elephant Ivory Project’ in the Congo.

Trevor Frost

This year, another National Geographic Young Explorer from Virginia is in the running and he needs votes. Trevor Frost grew up in Ashland and graduated Passages Adventure Camp and VCU in Environmental Science. From his bio, via the National Geographic Expedition web page:

Trevor lives on the James River in Richmond, Virginia where he grew up exploring the rapids and islands of the James River Park System – the very place that inspired him to want to help better protect other parks around the world. One of Trevor’s heroes is Ralph White, a park ranger, park manager, naturalist, and educator who is largely responsible for the health and success of the James River Park System

Go to the National Geographic Channel website and cast your vote for Trevor (ends April 6).


One response to “Help a JRPS lover win National Geographic Channel Grant

  1. I would like to commend both Nat Geo and anyone out there willing to go above and beyond that is not a celebrity. There are so many people out there working to make a difference and they are not really recognized nearly as much as they should be. We hear about the rich and famous who have money to support their causes but not the average who is working with little to no money to make our environment a better place. On another note, I’m happy to see National Geographic taking an interest and participating in so many positive things. The programming this year has been really fascinating to my son who would not surprise me if he won a grant such as this one day. He has always loved the environment and always picks shows from channels like Nat Geo, Science, Animal Planet, along with other developmental shows. Thankfully we were educated to the channel possibilities when I started working for Dish Network who also pride in family programming. My son loves the whole idea of HD which Dish is famous for providing more than anyone. He’s got his electronic gadgets that most children would be playing with all the time but prefers to read and watch shows that help him better understand how he can actively take part in the environment. I fully expect him to become a scientist with a PhD and all the fulfillment that comes from that lifestyle. I know he will use his gifts and interests for the greater good of the planet.

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