Mystery goat roaming hills above Pump House?

Goat roaming Byrd ParkA Byrd Park resident who lives up from the Atlantic Coast Beltline Bridge near the Carillon has a roaming goat problem. She said the goat has eaten five new holly trees in her yard. She said she has seen him in her yard for a couple of years.

Apparently, it roams the area from the James River near the Pump House up the hills in the area near the Carillon. Has anyone seen the goat? Did it escape from Maymont? If anyone catches it, maybe they’d take it in!

If you do see it and want the City of Richmond to help, contact Animal Control at 646-5573.

UPDATE: WRIC TV 8 picked up on this story, but they didn’t find the goat either. They did find a few people that had seen the goat at some point….cute story.


5 responses to “Mystery goat roaming hills above Pump House?

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  2. I have totally seen this goat, and now I know I’m not insane. For a while I was like “Seriously I saw this goat peering at me from the woods as I drove by!” and people were like “Uhhhhh yeah.” This is good news for me. The goat exists!

  3. Goats have been there for years–I have seen 2-3 any number of times on the hill to the right of the north end of the Powhite

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