Pescados China Street donates portion of proceeds to James River Park

Pescados China StreetA big thank you from the Friends of the James River Park to Pescados China Street for their contributions to the non-profit group that provides citizen support for the conservation, enhancement, and enjoyment of the 550-acre James River Park System and its natural and historic environments.

“We had some hikers, trail runners, boaters and mountain bikers all out that night to enjoy some camaraderie, a cocktail and a conch fritter to benefit the FOJRP,” said Friends member Marguerite Daniels. “Pescados generously donated 15 percent of their Monday profits to a different local charity.”

Bob Windsor of Pescados China Street said the restaurant did more than $2,000 in sales on March 14 and the total contribution to the park was $326.88. “We will do a charity benefit on most Monday nights for a qualified cause,” he said. He said that the FOJRP night was one of the best-attended nights for the popular Oregon Hill eatery.


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