Are bright buoys of Williams Island still a problem?

The buoys are there to warn boaters of the nearby dam at Williams IslandI visited Williams Island recently and finally got a closer look at the lighted buoys that warn paddlers of north dam at the island. In September, I wrote about residents on the north bank reportedly being upset about the bright lights coming from the buoys.

The buoys, which say “Boats Keep Out,” are there to warn boaters of the nearby dam, which is in place to divert water from the James into the City of Richmond Water Purification Plant.

The homes are situated on a bluff in a the pricy neighborhood (not sure if Windsor Farms extends that far west) overlooking the James River above uninhabited Williams Island, which is across from Pony Pasture Rapids on Riverside Drive.

There are two buoys on the south side of Williams Island as well, positioned to warn boaters of the Z-Dam. Those buoys are apparently not lighted. All four buoys were put in place by the Department of Public Utilities, which is in charge of the two dams and the 100-acre Williams Island.

Has anyone seen the lights from the buoys at night, either by water or from the hilltop above?


4 responses to “Are bright buoys of Williams Island still a problem?

  1. just put a blinder on the side facing the homes or use smaller led lights

  2. I think that paddlers safety far outweighs a little light at night. Close your blinds. Dams can kill people.

  3. I guess we should also close Riverside Drive at night too then. All those headlights from traffic must be equally disruptive to the residents’ view of the river.

  4. At this time the bouys have disapeared but are being replaced. the small light that blinks seem to be an annoyance to the neighbors rather
    than a safety concern and the lights were turned off on the North side of the island because of neighbor complants and the neighbors on that side also want the markes removed because they don’t like looking at them. What a shame.

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