Richmond MORE volunteers are tough & dedicated to trails

Richmond MORE volunteers move a tree stump to block a trailI spent a little time this past weekend watching the James River Park staff and Richmond MORE volunteers work on a re-route of the Buttermilk Trail in an area below Riverside Drive at 42nd Street. 

Trails manager Nathan Burrell, staffer and trail expert Mike Burton and Richmond MORE volunteers were trying to block off an old trail that they were closing after having created a new trail in efforts to reduce erosion that will be easier to maintain.

Ditch Witch at work on the Buttermilk TrailI’ve volunteered a couple of times with these good people, but I’ve made many more efforts to at least stop by to take a few photos and see how things are going. They work very hard — plenty of sweat and back-breaking work. They also have a lot of fun working together and helping to shape our fantastic trail system.

Richmond MORE volunteers crank a wench to move a stump on the Buttermilk TrailI’ve witnessed many riders stopping to say thank you to the Richmond MORE volunteers, and they have said that riders often stop and help for a while once they see work being done on a trail.

So let that become your goal — If you ever have the occasion, please dedicate at least one day a year to volunteer with Richmond MORE. You’ll learn more than you expected about trails and you’ll probably learn more about mountain biking than you can handle. These guys don’t just build trails, they ride them. Some of them are very accomplished riders that have won races and competed in high-level competition. Most of them have been to trail-building classes and are experts — excellent resources for our community that donate their free time to the City of Richmond and the outdoor community. Volunteer!


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