James River, biking, Cannon Creek still in mayor’s list of priorities

Some gravel has been put in place at Cannon CreekOn Wednesday, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones presented his capital-improvements program was presented to the City Planning Commission. Despite a tightened budget, some very interesting outdoors-related items remain on tap, as reported by Will Jones of the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones is proposing to keep major capital projects, including new schools and a new jail, on track for construction and to provide money to renovate Monroe Park, improve public access to the James River and begin the conversion of one-way streets to two-way traffic.

In his proposed capital-improvement program, Jones also includes funds to develop the 1.8-mile Cannon Creek Greenway trail along the Richmond-Henrico Turnpike and to mark 80 miles of city streets as shared bicycle lanes, or sharrows.

Sharrow: an arrow-like design painted on a roadway to mark a bicycling routeIf you don’t know what a sharrow is (this is the first I’ve heard of it), StreetsWiki said “A sharrow is a pavement marking installed on streets popular with bicyclists but too narrow for conventional bike lanes. It is intended to indicate where bicyclists should ride to avoid traveling within the door zone of parked cars. It also alerts motorists to share the road with bicyclists and conveys that the street is a preferred bike route.”

There was also an interesting tidbit on the Intermediate Terminal, which is east of Great Shiplock Park and across the river from Ancarrow’s Landing:

•$750,000 to improve public access to the river at Intermediate Terminal on Water Street. Beschler said he was unaware of details but said the improvements are intended to help the dock accommodate festivals.


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