James River Deaths

Bobby L. Nunnally, 58, of Richmond. Rescue crews recovered his body about 30 minutes after he jumped from the Manchester Bridge into the James River, Mar. 2, 2011. He was recovered near the falls at Vauxhall Island by a fire and rescue team in an inflatable boat launched from Brown’s Island.

Unidentified, Nov. 2, 2010. Man in his late 60s died after authorities said he apparently jumped from the 14th Street Bridge in downtown Richmond. His identity was not immediately released.

Portia B. Smith, 40, of Richmond. Drowned in the river off Tredegar Street near Brown’s Island, July 07, 2010. She was not wearing a life jacket, but friends said she did not know how to swim. The river levels were below five feet.

John Haynes, 19, of Richmond. Went into cardiac arrest while swimming with friends in the Main Area of the JRPS near 42nd and Riverside Drive, June 28, 2010.

Hassan Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Sari, 50. Body found in the James River near Rocketts Landing, June 1, 2010. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was wanted on a charge of first degree murder in the death of Kate Johnson.

Jill L. Edmonds, 40, of Richmond. Body found in the James River in Charles City County, April 6, 2010. Police had investigated her disappearance after her vehicle was found abandoned on Jan. 25 on the northbound shoulder of the Powhite Parkway above the James River.

Ferdinand Nathaniel Jr., 65, of Richmond. Body discovered near Ancarrow’s Landing along the south bank of the James River in late March, 2010. He had been reported missing earlier that month. The cause of death for was drowning and was deemed a suicide.

Bahriddin Nasibboyev, of Richmond. His decomposed body was found near the railroad tracks south of Texas Avenue in Northbank Park, March 10, 2010. 

Donald Cecil Knight, 72, of Henrico. Body discovered July 24, 2009, near Osborne Landing. His death has been ruled a suicide. His vehicle was found parked on the Robert E. Lee Bridge on March 7. Investigators believe he jumped off the bridge.

David Gonzalez-Baldizon, 36, of Richmond. Drowned in the Huguenot Flatwater area, May 31, 2009. He was using a rope swing landed in the water, re-surfaced for a few seconds and then went under. Rescuers recovered his body about a half-mile down the road at the Z-Dam at Williams Island along Riverside Drive. Westham gauge river levels measured at 6.5 feet that day.

Francisco B. Estrella, 46, of Chesterfield. His body was found near Great Shiplock Park by a fisherman, Sept. 1, 2008. Authorities believe he may have suffered a medical problem and fallen into the river.

Rosa Herbst, 49, of Richmond. Body found in the water near the 100 block of Tredegar Street on July 2, 2008. It appeared she had been dead for several days. Herbst’s family had filed a missing person’s report with Richmond police on June 30.

Jerry A. Nutter, 56, Sutherland. He was kayaking Pipeline Rapids, December 29, 2007, when something went wrong, causing him get turned upside down and hit a rock and became trapped upside down underwater. Despite wearing the safety gear needed and being an experienced kayaker, he drowned.  

William Dale Moore, 56, of Richmond. Found about a half-mile downstream from Ancarrow’s Landing, Aug. 1, 2007. He had been reported missing by his family the day before after he failed to return home after kayaking.

Roberta Starkes, 61, of Richmond. She was found dead July 24, 2007, in the James River around 14th Street.


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