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‘Connecticut’ finally at home overlooking the James River

The 'Connecticut' statue now overlooks the James River in the area near Great Shiplock ParkThe “Connecticut” statue now overlooks the James River in the area near Great Shiplock Park. The fiberglass and resin composition resembles a giant Indian brave peering out over a parapet and resides at the Lucky Strike Building in Shockoe Bottom. Continue reading


Crescent shape & bamboo structure need explanation

Area between the Powhite Parkway Bridge and the Boulevard Bridge on the south bank is known as Main Area WestThe area between the Atlantic Coast Line Bridge and the Boulevard Bridge on the south bank is known as Main Area West and it is part of the James River Park System. I have unofficially adopted this parcel of the park and clean trash there often in part due to some responsibility I felt for “giving away the secret” that this excellent spot existed. Continue reading

Watch chicken feathers float down the James Saturday

Saturday from 1-4 p.m. you should make your way down to the river to watch the James River Environmental Art Project.  The James River UFO environmental art performance event by a University of Richmond student features recycled poultry feathers that will travel downriver contained within a floating sculptural barrier.  View it from Huguenot Flatwater to Pony Pasture along trails and Riverside Drive. See more from Hills & Heights:

The motivation for the work is to call attention to nonpoint source nutrient pollution and water quality legislation. Chicken feathers are being used since they serve as a natural absorbent of heavy metal ions from water effluent. Style Weekly had an article in December about the first attempt to launch this project and the first link provides more details including the best spots to view the work.

What do you think about the Grateful Dead rock on Belle Isle?

What do you think about the Grateful Dead rock?The Grateful Dead rock at Belle Isle has been in place for many years and has been repainted several times. It is iconic to some people who frequent Belle Isle. Is it art? Is it graffiti? Share your thoughts!

“George Washington’s Vision” not to be missed on Canal Walk

George Washington's VisionHave you ever taken a stroll down at the Canal Walk downtown? The 1.25 paved and landscaped path runs from Tredegar Iron Works to Shockoe Bottom and is full of historic locations and displays. One of the best is “George Washington’s Vision” at the Canal Walk Turning Basin in downtown Richmond.

The granite and bronze display is arranged in a circle and centered with a surveyor’s compass. The text and map within the display highlight the key points of the Kanawha Canal and Washington’s vision of connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River.

For more, see Richmond on the James and the Venture Richmond websites.

Water quality & “Deepwater Sponger” talk of The Boathouse

"Deepwater Sponger" statue at The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing

The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing and Friends of the James River Park will welcome “Deepwater Sponger” with program featuring VCU professor Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. See the release: 

Background: A six-foot-tall, one-ton cast-iron sculpture called “Deepwater Sponger” was recently installed on the banks of the James River at Rocketts Landing. In order to officially welcome the piece to Richmond, Rocketts Landing and the Friends of the James River Park are hosting a reception and program at The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing that focuses on water quality and conservation.

What: Official christening of Deepwater Sponger at its new James Riverside home, along with an update on water quality issues during the reception. Speeches on the importance of water quality and conservation from Charles Ponticello, the creator of the sculpture, and Anne Wright, Assistant Professor of Biology at VCU, who will speak to the strides that have been made on water quality and conservation and what still needs to be done.

Where: The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing, 4708 East Old Main Street.

Boat at Pony Pasture survives water levels at more than 11 feet

Act fast and get down to Pony Pasture Rapids Park to see a sailboat “docked” along the south bank of the river.The James River crested at more than 11 feet Friday, but the “sailboat” made from driftwood, sticks, logs resting along the bank at Pony Pasture Rapids  is holding strong. The boat was created about a month ago and the artists, Ken Huston and R.L. Croft, said they are prone to creating impromptu, temporary site projects with natural found materials.