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‘Giant’ mountain bike demo tour Saturday at Forest Hill Park

From Richmond MORE:

The Ride Giant Demo Tour for mountain bikes comes to Forest Hill Park on April 9 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The Richmond chapter of M.O.R.E. is helping out after trail building and is planning a cook out for members and guests.  Continue reading


James River, biking, Cannon Creek still in mayor’s list of priorities

Some gravel has been put in place at Cannon CreekOn Wednesday, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones presented his capital-improvements program was presented to the City Planning Commission. Despite a tightened budget, some very interesting outdoors-related items remain on tap, as reported by Will Jones of the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Continue reading

Richmond MORE volunteers are tough & dedicated to trails

Richmond MORE volunteers move a tree stump to block a trailI spent a little time this past weekend watching the James River Park staff and Richmond MORE volunteers work on a re-route of the Buttermilk Trail in an area below Riverside Drive at 42nd Street. Continue reading

Trail reroute cutting erosion, lengthening popular Buttermilk

One of the new switchbacks being put into place in the new reroute of the Buttermilk TrailThe Buttermilk Trail is being reworking in the Main Area of the James River Park below the 42nd Street intersection with Riverside Drive. The small parking area on the eastbound side of the Riverside has had a steep and slippery trail that runs straight down the hill to connect to the Buttermilk. Continue reading

Take the BikeWalk Virginia ‘State of Bicycling’ survey

BikeWalk Virginia has a survey and is looking for your input on your biking habits:

BikeWalk Virginia is launching a new program to collect information about cycling all across the state of Virginia. We want to hear from cyclists of all types about their riding, experiences, concerns, and their ideas.

Our goal is to learn more about riders and the state of cycling around the Commonwealth. We want to hear your thoughts on safety factors that affect cycling, bike paths, bike lanes, motorist education, driver behavior toward cyclists, laws, and barriers to riding. We also want to learn more about what information would be helpful to riders and how cyclist are accessing that information.

Buttermilk Trail staircase/ramp area to get re-route

Snow-covered staircase and bike ramp on the Buttermilk TrailVolunteer with Richmond MORE Saturday on the Buttermilk Trail:

This Saturday we will be meeting at Reedy Creek at 9am again and continuing work on the Buttermilk East re-route. Please park at Reedy Creek and head along the trail to the Red Clay Hill. For those of you not familiar with the “Red Clay Hill” section this is the section of trail that also has the small pedestrian staircase and wooden ramp with the bricks in the center. The guys will be working on a short re-route in that are to help reduce some erosion problems. Nathan expects that the re-route will take upwards of 3-4 Saturdays’ worth of trail work. We can shorten that time frame with more volunteers and hands in the mix.
What: Buttermilk East Re-Route work part 2.
When: Saturday 3-19-11 starting at 9am ending..? Come out for as long as you like.
Where: Park in the Reedy Creek parking lot just off of Riverside Drive and Nathan will divide up the groups in the morning. If you like to sleep in a bit then go ahead and park at Reedy and walk West along Buttermilk East (Towards the Nickel Bridge/Dog Park) and come on over to “Red Clay Hill” to catch up with the crew.
Bring: Gloves, work boots or shoes, water or coffee (if that’s your thing), a small snack to keep the blood sugar in check and an open mind.

Get your hike on with Central Virginia Trailblazers

Do you love to hike or bike but stuck in a rut on finding new places to go? Do you need some new friends to blaze the trails with you? Give the Central Virginia Trailblazers group a try [facebook]. They hit many area trails, including the James River Park. Continue reading