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Development of Chapel Island could be key to downtown greenways

Chapel Island - Credit: Downtown Master PlanThe Downtown Master Plan, which was published in July 2009, contains so many wonderful ideas and projects with potential for the riverfront. One involves the creation of a waterfront park on Chapel Island, located on the north bank of the James between the 14th Street Takeout and Great Shiplock Park. Continue reading


Is there no chance for Downtown Master Plan with Flynn gone?

Downtown Master Plan - See (A) for the pedestrian bridgeI have recently been reviewing the Downtown Master Plan, which was published in July 2009. It was created by dozens of elected officials, city employees and “hundreds of Richmond residents,” which is a nod to all of the charrettes held to gain input from the citizens of Richmond. It says “the public planning process began in July 2007. The Plan was adopted by City Council in October 2008. Additional Amendments were adopted in July 2009.” Continue reading