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Capturing images of great blue heron takes inspiration, patience

Five great blue heron at Pipeline Rapids. CREDIT: Shirley FoxI’ve met many people who are inspired by the awesome natural beauty and power of the James River. There have been many environmentalists, outdoorsmen, naturalists, artists, fisherman, photographers and more born from perhaps a single visit to Richmond’s riverfront. Continue reading


Last weekend for guided tours of heron rookery, Richmond Slave Trail

James River Park manager Ralph White led a tour of the great blue heron rookery with the Richmond Audubon Society at the Pipeline Rapids walkwayIf you’ve been holding out until warm weather and spring bursting out all over, this is your last chance for the guided tours to the Pipeline Rapids great blue heron rookery and the Richmond Slave Trail. Get out there and enjoy the scenery and the knowledge passed on from James River Park manager and naturalist Ralph White. Continue reading

Have white egrets joined the great blue heron rookery?

Great blue heron rookery at PipelineBird-watcher extraordinaire Jim Alexander has several new notes, including the possibility of two pairs of great white egrets settling in downtown Richmond for this week’s Pipeline great blue heron rookery update: Continue reading

Pipeline great blue heron count consistent around 70

Great blue heron in flightThis week’s great blue heron update from our eye in the sky above Pipeline Rapids, Jim Alexander:

Count is consistently around 70+/-, so we concur with Ralph White’s statement of 70 during the recent Channel 12 coverage. Continue reading

Ralph White: Great blue heron rookery is ‘unique experience’

James River Park manager Ralph White at Pipeline Rapids

Credit: NBC12.com

NBC12 paid a visit to the great blue heron rookery at Pipeline Rapids in downtown Richmond and spoke with James River Park manager Ralph White, who was as colorful and knowledgable as ever.  See the video on NBC12.com: Continue reading

Best times to see activity at Pipeline great blue heron rookery

Pipeline Rapids great blue heron rookeryIn a recent conversation with Richmond Times-Dispatch staff writer and Richmond Audubon Society member Rex Springston, I was told that the great blue heron rookery is most active are just after dawn and just before dusk. This is the time of year when they have most likely already mated and are brooding their eggs. They switch on and off, with one sitting alone in the nest while the other is feeding in the river.  Continue reading

Great blue heron rookery update (and osprey sighting)

Great blue heron


The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Rex Springston had a story in Monday’s edition about the great blue heron rookery and had many good quotes from nature-lovers. We’ve also got a Pipeline Rapids rookery update from JRNH’s eye in the sky, Jim Alexander: Continue reading