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Downtown Richmond’s boat landing has fisherman hooked on weekends

Fishermen line the walls of the Manchester Docks at Ancarrow's Boat Landing As I visited Ancarrow’s Boat Landing on Sunday for the unveiling of the markers on the Richmond Slave Trail, I couldn’t help but notice that the ratio of attendees for the historic moment were outnumbered at least 15 to 1 by fisherman. At 3 p.m., there was a 20 minute wait at the boat slip and the parking lot was constantly full. Continue reading


Taking advantage of the James when water is low

WTVR CBS6’s Mark Holmberg did a story about the advantages of the James when the water levels are low.

Yes, Mother Nature, your son finds you to be beautiful in every way. So when our editors asked me to go out and do a low-river-level story [we] found how many consider a thinner James to be beautiful in different and interesting ways.

Holmberg goes through and behind the falls of Bosher’s Dam, talks about some of the holes that people can swim through and how it can improve fishing when the water is low.